Each player has a detachment of soldiers or warriors under their command. These detachments can be:

  • ordered to take position around the battlefield
  • split into smaller groups and ordered into different positions
  • take offensive and defensive positions
  • subject to configurable game settings that restrict command orders (i.e. is the player within audio range)

British Detachments

  • Each player has 6 soldiers under their command
  • When a soldier dies a reserve will take the dead soldier's place 
  • There are 10 reserves available
  • If the player dies his reserves are impacted
  • Each soldier can be ordered to attack independently or under player command
  • Soldiers can be ordered into lines of crouched and standing. The player can set a target and order soldiers to fire (alternating firing between crouched and standing soldiers maximises effect)

Zulu Detachments

  • Three Zulu players (armed with assegai ) have 11 warriors under their command and 120 reserves
  • One player, the sniper role (armed with a Martini Henry rifle) has 5 warriors and 10 reserves to command 
  • When a warrior dies a reserve will take the dead warrior's place 
  • If the player dies his reserves are impacted
  • Warriors automatically attack any British in range


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