Game Info

Zulu Response is a tactical first person shooter PC game created by WIS development studios that is set in the 1879 African Zulu wars.

Play as a British soldier in single player or in 8 person multiplayer (4 verse 4) as a Zulu warrior or British soldier.

Player Detachments

When playing as a Zulu, a player has up to 11 warriors and 120 reserves they command around the battlefield. Each British player has 6 soldiers and 10 reserves they command.

Master the art of tactical co-ordination as you command your soldiers to form up in a line and serve volleys of fire from their ranks. As a Zulu, command your warriors to attack a British position or co-ordinate an attack with other players or an awaiting Impi.


Game Play

Differing real life stories from the 1879 war have been used to base the gameplay. These include true stories of survival, capture the flag and escape. In all multiplayer games, the players can choose to play as British or Zulu. Single player games are played as the British.

Map Realism

Experience a realistic gaming environment with large scale levels developed using satellite technology and old maps drawn from the period 

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